Kanai Sensei Memorial Seminar with

B. Britton Shihan and F. Blyth Shidoin

March 29 and 30, 2019

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Hello everyone,

I am pleased and excited to announce and invite you to participate in our dojo's Kanai Sensei Memorial Seminar, instructed by Barbara Britton Shihan, 6th dan, of Framingham Aikikai and Fiona Blyth Shidoin, 5th dan, of Boston Aikikai, two of Kanai Sensei's most senior students.

The seminar will take place at our dojo on Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30, 2019, and will commemorate the 15th anniversary of the passing of Mitsunari Kanai Shihan.

Seminar registration is at the door and classes are open to adults and youth (ages 12 to 18) of all ranks and affiliations. Beginners are especially welcome and encouraged to attend. Please see the attached poster for class times and fees. There is a 50% discount for youth.

Please come and participate in what will be a very enjoyable seminar with outstanding instruction. I look forwards to seeing you, and if you have any questions, please let me know.


R. Zimmermann Shihan
Chief Instructor
Toronto Aikikai