The Children Program

In a nutshell

TERM September 4 to December 18, 2019
CLASSES Mondays   5:00 -  5:50 pm
  Wednesdays   5:00 -  5:50 pm
  Sundays 10:30 - 11:20 am
FEES Term fee if join in September: $260, siblings $220
  New member initiation fee: $25, no initiation fee for sibling
  Fees include taxes and entitle participation in all above classes
PAYMENT Cash or cheque
REGISTRATION Guarantee your child's space by pre-registering (see below)
  You can also register at the dojo if spaces are available
QUESTIONS? We'll be happy to answer your questions. Contact us.

Our Children Program

Our Children Program began in 1995, and since then it has been providing an excellent introduction to Aikido to the younger members of the family.
Students in the program learn not only basic Aikido techniques, but also a variety of skills and principles through physical exercise and mental discipline.
Our curriculum encourages children to learn social skills as well as proper etiquette, and to develop sensitivity and patience towards others while keeping them physically engaged and highly entertained.

Focus and benefits

In the Children classes we emphasize safety, cooperation and simple Aikido. Classes are taught by high ranking instructors in a disciplined yet fun setting, and activities include stretching, rolling, basic techniques and games.
These classes are open to children ages 5 to 11.

Children derive benefits in the following areas:
Personal: discipline, focus, concentration, self confidence, self awareness;
Social: cooperation, tolerance, relating to others, good manners;
Physical: flexibility, agility, balance, stamina, strength;
Cultural: Japanese customs, etiquette, tradition, counting, language.

Terms and class times

The Children Program is closely aligned with the school year. Classes take place in three Terms in the Winter, Spring and Fall, with time off during March Break, the Summer months (July and August) and the Winter holiday season (late December).

Class times during the week are as follows:

Mondays   5:00 -  5:50 pm
Wednesdays   5:00 -  5:50 pm
Sundays 10:30 - 11:20 am


Advancement and development in the dojo are indicated in part by rank, which is reflected by the color of the belt worn as part of the uniform.
Progression from rank to rank is attained through evaluations called tests, that take place periodically.
The system of ranks, the work involved in test preparation and the successful promotion to the next level help children to develop and attain self-confidence and a sense of achievement.


Fees for the Children Program are as follows:

 1 month 3 months6 months9 months12 months
First child $ 80 $ 220 $ 430 $ 625 $ 805
Sibling $ 65 $ 185 $ 365 $ 535 $ 685

New member initiation fee: $25, no initiation fee for sibling.
Fees include taxes and entitle participation in all the above classes.
We do not offer any contracts, so you can stop your child's membership at any time.
Payments that overlap the Summer Break months are credited towards the next Term.
Please see our Fees page for additional information.

How to join

Joining is easy!
Come to the dojo with your child to observe or try out a free class.
If you and your child like what you see you can register your child by filling out a brief form and paying the corresponding fee.
As our classes fill fast we recommend you pre-register your child to guarantee their spot by using the form below. Fields indicated by * are required.

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Child's Name *:
Date of Birth *:
Gender: *:
Parent's Name *:
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